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In 1872, Yellowstone became a National Park, in large part because of the amazing thermal features.


There are thousands of thermal features in the park – how do you know what to see other than Old Faithful? And when you’re walking the miles of boardwalks, how do you know if there’s something special to see?


Geyser Watch is here to help.



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  • Fan and Mortar Geyser erupted on 28 Aug 2015 at 0932 – many hope it may return to a more regular schedule (never predictable, but often that means every 4 to 6 days).
  • “Improbable” Geyser on Geyser Hill had a major eruption again on 18 August 2015 (if you witness an eruption, take photos and notify rangers) .
  • Ledge Geyser in Norris Geyser Basin has been more erratic with some 6 and 7 day intervals. 
  • Echinus Geyser in Norris Geyser Basin has had some eruptions according to electronic monitors (if you witness an eruption, take photos and notify rangers).

If you do witness a rare eruption, I’d also like to hear from you.

News from Yellowstone Naturalist:

  • Rare Eruption: “Improbable Geyser”
    Posted by Janet on June 20, 2015 at 17:04

    Last Thursday (18 June 2015), “Improbable Geyser” –  a rarely seen geyser on Geyser Hill erupted to a height of about 20-25 feet. I was lucky enough to be on Geyser Hill at the time and saw just the top of the eruption while standing over near Aurum Geyser and Doublet Pool.  A bit of […] The post Rare Eruption: “Improbable Geyser” appeared first on Yellowstone Naturalist. […]

  • Ledge Geyser 4 May 2015 – Part 1
    Posted by Janet on May 5, 2015 at 17:22

    Ledge Geyser erupted sometime earlier than 8:00 AM when the first geyser gazer arrived to see what Ledge was up to. When he arrived, Ledge was already into a powerful steam phase, meaning the water phase of the eruption, where it sends up jets of water, had already passed. The day before good water levels […] The post Ledge Geyser 4 May 2015 – Part 1 appeared first on Yellowstone Naturalist. […]

  • Yellowstone’s Opening Weekend
    Posted by Janet on April 20, 2015 at 13:44

    The opening weekend in Yellowstone has been a fun one to watch from the sidelines. Yes, I’d love to be in the park and experiencing the discoveries of what’s happening now in person, but the East Gate opens on May 1 (though service vehicles are already going in and out from reports), and I’m grateful […] The post Yellowstone’s Opening Weekend appeared first on Yellowstone Naturalist. […]

A taste of the thermal wonders in Yellowstone

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