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GOAL: Millions of people visit the thermal features in the front country of Yellowstone each year. Few know them well. This site aims to help more people become familiar with these amazing wonders.

WHO CREATED THIS: This site is a part of SnowMoon, LLC – owned by Mike & Janet White. We welcome any and all feedback. Janet has been visiting Yellowstone since she was two and has spent nearly the last decade learning more about the geysers and hot springs that captured her heart long ago. This site is not affiliated with the National Park Service.

FRONT COUNTRY FOCUS: There’s so much we don’t yet know about geysers, hot springs and other thermal features you see while on the boardwalks and front country trails and roads. Records are scarce except for the past few decades. Focusing on the most visited features just makes good sense.



Your observations are valuable to piece together the puzzle the geysers and hot springs present.  A notebook, a pen or pencil and a watch are about all you need to help. Tell us what you see. You can enter your observations at GeyserTimes.org or Geysers.net/mobile (Geyser Notebook is free for the Android). If you want to submit a guest blog post here, email Janet.

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