North Goggles Geyser

I work with two computers – with every intention of multitasking (get photos crunching or something on one and write or something on the other). Yet most of the time, I just have the Old Faithful Streaming Cam full screen on one – keeping me company. I absolutely love the fact that one of my favorite spots on this big earth has a streaming webcam looking at it. The biggest skill this has increased for me due to this practice is paying attention to my peripheral vision.

Yesterday morning – I watched Lion Geyser erupt and finish. I sighed contentedly and looked back at my work on the other screen.

Next thing I know, the camera’s zoomed in on an eruption and I stare in disbelief – no, it can’t be. It is! North Goggles Geyser was erupting and the person at the controls of the camera had it zoomed in. It’s a rare sight to see. I think this is the second eruption this year…actually the second major eruption that’s been seen and reported in MANY years.

North Goggles Geyser is to the ‘right’ of the Lion Group (well, it’s part of the Lion group, but isn’t on the same rock mound where Lion sits). This isn’t a perfect stitching job (darn, I need to go back to reshoot this!), but it shows the location:

(Lion far left) Goggles Spring on the left and North Goggles Geyser on the right

North Goggles Geyser has major and minor eruptions – biggest difference is the height. Minors don’t reach very high (maybe ten feet) but the majors reach considerably higher – 20 feet or more. This one was a major. It’s common for the (rare) eruptions to happen after Lion finishes. There are many more details to what happens, but that’s the basic info I focus on.

Yeah, I would have loved to have seen this in person, but being able to watch on the streaming cam is still amazing. Thank you, Canon and The Yellowstone Park Foundation!

Here’s the video captured from the streaming cam:

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