At West Thumb Geyser Basin, change its the constant. Over the past eight years I’ve taken photos of nearly every thermal feature you see from the boardwalks at least once on every visit. This collection of photos shows how dynamic of an area West Thumb really is. On our last visit in September, the biggest change (which in reality is very small) was the Unnamed Thermal Feature (UTF) between Surging Spring and the boardwalk.

It’s understandable why the Names Committee hesitates to give official names to any thermal feature as soon as it appears since it may go through many changes, and in some areas, it may disappear altogether. This feature is one I’ve wondered if it would just simply disappear as at some times, it has been a noisy fumarole, and simply a few holes in the ground with no apparent activity.

Previous photos can be seen in this post from August 2011. Here’s how it looked in July 2012:

UTF Near Surging Spring on 11 July 2012

And a drastic difference when seen in September:

UTF Near Surging Spring 22 Sept 2012

And an overview showing its location in relationship to Surging Spring:

UTF and Surging Spring 22 Sept 2012

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